Magic Products

  • Cards (Gaff Cards, trick decks, etc.)

  • Tricks (sponge balls, cups and balls, top hats, vanishing boxes and bottles, appearing flowers, card castle, square circle, etc.)

  • Coins (double sided, shells, Gaffs, magnetic, jumbo coins, Sasco and Johnson quality, etc.)

  • Rope (tricks, books, DVD's, Gaffs, magnets, etc)

  • Books, DVD's, Videos on all types of magic

  • "Mentalism" effects (books, DVDs, cards, ESP, Mind Reading, etc.)

  • And so much more, the above is only a small fraction of the magic inventory available at Merlins.

Special Orders always available.  If it's available we can get it for you.

To Find a product:
To track down a product, here is a link (IMPORTANT Note: this link opens a new window so you can switch between our site and Murphy's on your taskbar)  to our supplier.  You cannot purchase from them directly, however, you can find the products that you want. 

Once you find what you are looking for Copy and paste or jot down the products' Names, Product Codes and Price information and email it to us here

Please remember you can always call us or visit the store and we will help you find what you are looking for that way too.

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