Merlin's Customized Ventriloquist Dummies

    Below are just a few pictures from some of the ventriloquist dummies that we custom built for our customers.  Some are a resemblance of a photograph of the person the dummy was to look like  OR JUST LEAVE IT TO US and give us the eye color, hair color, skin color, male or female, and we will produce a one of a kind for you.  The clothes are added accordingly.

In addition to this customization and what is listed on our main ventriloquism page, we can add all sorts of gimmicks to the dummy to make it talk or move on its own.   If you have something else that you want added to the dummy, please contact us Here  or (805) 388-7669 between 10 AM and 5 PM PST to and we will give you the requested information.  We are in Camarillo, which is in Ventura County, California and we ship all over the country.

See our Comedy Classics Ventriloquist Dummies on this page. 

Remember, our ventriloquist dummies can be fully customized!

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