What to expect at your event?

A personalization of magic to meet the needs and pleasures of your guests:

  • Close-Up Magic
  • Walk Arounds
Close-up magic is right for intimate settings with small groups of people, or small clusters of people in a large group.  The magician performs magic within a few feet of the spectators' eyes.  This type of magic engages and intrigues the audience of spectators. 

This is ideal for large or small parties, conventions and hospitality suites.  In large settings, the magician strolls from group to group performing magic.  Multiple magicians are available upon request.

  • Parlor Magic
Generally this magic is performed at a table in front of an audience.  The performance may also involve the spectators in the magic itself.  This type of magic is typically for a larger group of 20 or more.

The magician performs in front of the group that can be standing or sitting.  The table in front can be brought by the magician or can use available

  • Stage Shows
This is a full production show which includes lighting and sound and is generally performed on stage.  This type of event is performed in theaters, schools stages, auditoriums, or any location with a stage and curtain.

Please call to discuss the right venue and arrangement for your event if you are unsure of your needs.  We provide you with the advice that helps you get the greatest benefit of having a Magician for your event.


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